Supporting Our Veterans: Leola Construction and Rockin’ With The SEALs

Leola Construction takes great pride in steadfastly supporting Rockin’ With The SEALs, a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring and assisting our nation’s veterans, particularly those from special operations units. As their title sponsor for 2024, we are honored to stand by Rockin’ With The SEALs and contribute to their significant work. The values of Rockin’ With The SEALs align with those of Leola Construction, as they are committed to fostering social interaction and camaraderie among veterans through charitable golf events, providing a sense of normalcy and belonging.

The founder and president, Michael “Ziggy” Zeigler, highlights the therapeutic benefits of the golf charity events and their positive impact on veterans’ well-being. Ziggy’s notable contributions have been recognized with an exclusive award from the U.S. Navy SEALs for his outstanding support of the SEAL community. His work with Rockin’ With The SEALs demonstrates his dedication to veterans’ well-being.

In addition to his work with Rockin’ With The SEALs, Ziggy is a highly accomplished long-drive competitor with impressive achievements. He has been a finalist in the World Long Drive competition twelve times. His longest non-competitive drive measures a whopping 504 yards at Snowmass Hole 18, and he has even managed a remarkable 36-yard drive using a putter at Firestone Hole 16. With a top clubhead speed of 153 mph, the fastest ball speed of 217, and a best score of 60 at Indian Wells, Ziggy’s talent and skill in long-drive competitions are exceptional.

Leola Construction’s partnership with Rockin’ With The SEALs extends beyond financial support, reflecting our shared belief in supporting veterans and building a community to help make a difference in the lives of our Special Operators and their families! Since 2010, Rockin’ With The SEALs has raised over $15 million, benefiting various veteran charities, including the Special Operations Warriors Foundation, UDT/SEAL Association, SEAL Veteran Foundation, NAVY SEAL Museum, and other noteworthy organizations.

Since its inception as a golf event in 2010, Rockin’ With The SEALs has evolved into a full-fledged nonprofit organization. Looking forward to 2024, they aim to expand their support for veterans by assisting with essential needs such as housing, food, and family expenses. The organization’s events are enjoyable and serve a meaningful purpose, leading to the creation of the term “fun-raising.”

Sal Ventimiglia, the owner of Leola Construction, recently represented Leola as the Presenting Sponsor at the “Day With Special Ops & Friends” event hosted by Rockin’ With The SEALs. The event took place at The Ritz Carlton Members Golf Club in Sarasota. Ventimiglia received a beautiful custom wooden American flag crafted by Veteran Mike Artman as a token of appreciation for his charitable initiatives and contributions to the veteran community.

Sal enjoys the Rockin’ With The SEALs events and is enthusiastic about assisting the special ops. “These men have endured unimaginable hardships during their time with the SEALs. I would like to help them adapt to everyday life in any way possible.” Sal recalls a remarkable tournament of victory alongside Captain Phillips, an American merchant marine and a massive supporter of the Navy SEALs.

We invite you to support Rockin’ With The SEALs and their upcoming events. For more details on sponsorships and participation, please get in touch with the organization directly. Let us work together to support our heroes and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have dedicated their service to our nation.

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